Are you thinking about purchasing a house in Florida? Purchasing a property in Florida might be a thrilling chance to move to the state or a neighborhood and house that better suits your family’s requirements. Now, if you’re looking forward to getting a home inspection before buying your own house in Florida, this article will help you. A home inspection is a thorough examination of a house or a building by a professional inspector. This crucial procedure is a comprehensive assessment of the condition of a property. This ultimately helps the buyer understand and identify any possible problems or flaws affecting its safety or worth.

When people hire these professionals, they often discover a few small problems. But if you hire an inspector without much experience, it could end up costing you a lot of money if you end up buying something that’s not right. Research has shown that 63% of the newly constructed homes that underwent inspections found minor problems. Now, the question arises: How much does a home inspection cost in Florida? The average price varies from $300 to $500. Read the article to get complete information.

What Does a Home Inspection Include?

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Florida

Home inspections are not even a question when buying a new house. In other words, they are the most essential part of the buying process. A home inspection typically includes structural elements, interior and exterior features, roofing, plumbing and electrical systems, appliances, etc. 

Structural Elements

The house’s structure will receive particular attention from the inspector. Structural elements in home inspections cover walls, the house’s foundation, floors, ceilings, and roof. Inspecting structural elements will inform you about the life your home has left.

Interior and Exterior Features

For the interior features of the house, the inspector will look for any cracks in the walls and ceilings. Floors, insulation, and stairs are also integral parts of the inspection. Inspectors will also check things like windows, doors, drainage systems, and garages outside the building, just like they do inside. 


The inspector will examine the roof’s condition, including the proper functioning of the chimneys and gutters. If the attic is reasonably accessible, the house inspector will further evaluate it, searching for signs of leaks, such as corroded nails and metal straps.

Plumbing and Electrical Systems

The inspector will evaluate the entire property especially kitchen and bathrooms, looking for signs of water damage or soft patches in the flooring. He or she will examine the plumbing system’s functionality and check the electrical system for malfunctions and code issues.

Inspection of the plumbing systems will look for proper functioning of the pipes, faucets, showers and tubs, sinks, drainage, irrigation system, and water heaters. In electrical systems, the inspector will look for wiring of the house, switches, circuit breakers, and electrical panels.


Home appliances like AC and Heating systems, kitchen stoves, dishwashers, ovens, heaters, microwaves, washer and dryers, and other equipment must also be inspected to avoid any trouble in the near future. 

What Happens After the Home Inspection?

Once the examination is finished, you will receive a report from your home inspector with a list of all the items including any issues found. The house inspector should indicate if each problem is a minor or major fault, a safety concern, or a code violation. Additionally, it will indicate which items require repair or replacement and which ones should be monitored in case they need repair in the future.

Why Do You Need a Home Inspection?

After learning that, how much does a home inspection cost in Florida? And What does a home inspection include? Another question arises: Why do you need a home inspection? Well, the answer to this question is that home inspections are crucial to ensure that the property you’ve bought is safe and free of issues. Also, if you are purchasing using financing (mortgage) the lender will require the four point and the wind mitigation reports which are part of a full inspection. An inspection report is a very important tool when purchasing a home. When you purchase a resale property, you want to know if there are any hazards and make sure everything is working properly. There are several reasons that you need a home inspection for:

Negotiation Tool

Home inspections can help you find minor and significant issues. Home inspectors check each area of the house and write up a report after inspecting. The inspection report can then be used as a negotiation tool. You can negotiate with the seller to adjust the price accordingly or ask your seller to make necessary repairs. If you’re buying with a loan, it’s important to discuss any needed repairs or credits with the seller. This is necessary to get homeowner’s insurance, which you need to secure the loan and finalize the sale. 


Another reason you need a home inspection is to learn about the property’s condition. An average person can never tell you about the condition of a house by simply looking at it. You need professionals to do this for you. Home inspectors examine the details of the property deeply. This deep inspection will address any hidden issues or problems and provide you with an understanding of the property’s conditions. 


Suppose you want to be satisfied with the safety of your house’s structural conditions, internal and external features, plumbing and electrical systems, roofing, and appliances. In that case, you need to get a home inspection done. This will identify any safety hazards and help you resolve them quickly.

Prevent Future Expenses

Home inspections address any issue at the initial stage, preventing significant future expenses and avoiding future repairs.

Who Pays for Home Inspection in Florida?

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Florida

Before buying a house, it is crucial to get it inspected. Home inspections are essential if you want to be aware and possibly avoid any inconvenience in the future. In Florida, the buyer usually pays for the home inspection. This payment typically depends on factors like the house’s size, age, region of Florida, and any specific requirements.

What Kind of Home Inspections are there in Florida?

There are many kinds of home inspections that you can find in Florida, such as:

  • Standard home inspections
  • Special home inspections
  • Four-point home inspections
  • Wind mitigation inspections
  • Termite inspections

Standard Home Inspections:

If you want to buy or sell a house in Florida, you will start the process with this type of home inspection. Standard home inspection in Florida includes a thorough inspection of the house, which covers the major systems of the house. It covers the internal as well as the external factors of the house. Internal factors include electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating systems, appliances, etc. External factors include roofing, walls, garage, doors, irrigation, foundation, etc. Research shows that people in Florida usually prefer to choose standard home inspections as they comprehensively assess the property’s condition.

Special Home Inspections:

Usually, home inspectors cover all areas of your property and address every issue. Still, there are a few exceptions where your ordinary home inspector doesn’t cover,  meaning  all potential problems are not addressed. Usually, special home inspections are recommended, covering all areas and addressing all kinds of issues to save you from future troubles. There are several types of special home inspections:

  • Radon testing
  • Asbestos testing
  • Chimney inspections
  • Lead-based paint testing
  • Mold inspections
  • Pest inspections
  • Pool inspections
  • Septic Tank inspections

Four-Point Home Inspections:

Studies show that 85% of people buy previously owned homes. Resale homes require a home inspection because there is a high chance of finding minor, and possibly major, issues. Four-point home inspections are another type of home inspection. This type of inspection is usually required for insurance purposes for homes older than 25 years old. This inspection covers the four central systems of the house:

  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC

Although the areas that four-point home inspections cover are probably included in standard home inspections, this inspection is still required for older homes.

Wind Mitigation Inspections:

This type of home inspection is required in Florida due to hurricanes. These inspections assess your roofs, windows, doors, walls, etc., to protect them from strong winds and flooding. Wind mitigation inspections are separate from the standard home inspections and a specific report is issued.

Cost of Home Inspections in Florida

As discussed earlier, the average cost of a home inspection in Florida ranges from $300 to $500. However, the cost depends on factors like the size, age, and the location of the house, as well as additional services requested. 

Size of the house

The smaller the home, the lower the price. For example, if you have a small house, the home inspection will cost you between $300 and $400. And if you have a relatively big home, you will be charged between $500 and $1000, all depending on the size of the property.

Age of the house

The cost of inspecting a new home is usually less expensive than that of an older house. However, an experienced inspector who will look for all the areas in detail is needed to inspect older homes, and thus, they charge more money than those who inspect new homes.

Region of Florida

If you’re looking forward to buying a house in an expensive region of Florida, like Miami, you’ll have to pay for your home inspection accordingly. Similarly, if you buy a house in a less expensive Florida, like Orlando, your inspection expenses will be less costly than those in Miami. 

Average Cost of Home Inspection in Florida

Average Cost of Home Inspection in Florida

In Florida, Standard Home Inspections usually cost between $300 and $550. The price variation in home inspection depends on the size of your home and other factors mentioned above.

Four-Point Home Inspections in Florida usually charge you between $150 and $250.

Inspections like Wind Mitigation Inspections in Florida range between $150 to $200.

The costs of Special Home Inspections vary. The list of special home inspections, along with their prices are given below:

  • Chimney $350 to $600
  • Mold $350 to $500
  • Asbestos $250 to $800
  • Foundation $350 to $750
  • Radon $200 to $700
  • Pool $120 to $250
  • Tank $200 to $900
  • Lead-Based Paint $300 to $700

Duration of a Home Inspection

Duration of a Home Inspection

A standard home inspection can be finished in as little as two to three hours, but it may take much longer if you are there to ask the inspector any concerns about the house. To allow the experts to complete their work without your interference, it is advised that you wait to ask questions until the end of your inspection. After a day or two of the inspection, you should expect a thoroughly documented report on the home inspection. The report’s conclusions may greatly influence your decision to purchase a home. 


Following are the few frequently asked questions about the home inspection in Florida.

How much do home inspectors charge in Florida?

A home inspector’s average cost in Florida ranges between $300 to $550. The prices may vary from place to place, depending on the size of the property and the type of inspection you choose for your home.

What factors influence the cost of a home inspection in Florida?

Factors like the size, age, and region of Florida can influence the cost of a home inspection. The older the house, the higher the price. 

What is included in a home inspection in Florida?

Home inspection in Florida covers the structural elements of the house, internal and external factors, roofing, appliances, plumbing and electrical systems, and HVAC.

How long does a home inspection take in Florida?

On average, a home inspection in Florida takes 2 to 4 hours. It all depends on the size and condition of the house.

Do home inspection prices vary based on the property location in Florida?

Yes, the prices of home inspections vary depending on the location of the property in Florida. For example, a home inspection for a property in Miami is more expensive than one in Orlando.

Do home inspection prices vary based on the property size in Florida?

Yes, the prices of home inspections vary depending on the size of the property in Florida. For example, a home inspection for a 5 bed 3.1 bath  is more expensive than one for a 3 bed 2.1 bath.

How many types of home inspections are available in Florida?

In Florida, there are four kinds of home inspections available. Standard home inspection, Four-Point home inspection, Wind mitigation inspection, and Special home inspections.

Is a buyer permitted to be present during a home inspection in Florida?

The inspector is the only one who has to be there. The property buyer will often attend all or part of the inspection and may occasionally invite friends, family, or their agent along.


All in all, home inspection is a crucial step in buying or selling a house. In states like Florida, resources like home inspections are available everywhere. These inspections cover almost all areas of the home and give you an insight into the condition and issues. The inspection report will make it easier for you to get the problems repaired on time and be free from future headaches. Inspectors have different costs depending on size, age, region, etc. It would help if you considered other factors other than solely price when hiring a house inspector in Florida. In addition, carefully read each home inspection firm’s evaluations and customer recommendations before selecting the best fit for your requirements.