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Closing Assistance

We make it incredibly easy and inexpensive to sell your property.
Our CLOSING ASSISTANCE SERVICE is top quality and keep your selling costs even lower.

You already made the smart decision to list your property with Florida Flat Fee Homes, now let us do the heavy lifting and take you smoothly to the closing table while keeping most of your equity

Closing costs explained

    • Doc stamps on the deed: is a tax imposed by the state on a document that transfer title such as the deed. Because the seller is required to provide marketable title to the property, the seller usually pays these taxes. To calculate: $.70 per $100, rounded up, based on the total purchase price, or total purchase price x .007.
    • Title policy insurance: Protects buyers and sellers against any claims made by third parties or other entities with interest in a piece of property. It guarantees that no legal rights have been violated when creating or transferring property ownership. Who pays for it is contractual and in some counties is customarily the seller who pays for it. In our example we will assume the seller will pay for it. Is calculated as follows: 0.575% from $0 to $100,000. 0.5% over $100,000 to $1 million. 0.25% over $1 million up to $5 million. 0.225% over $5 million up to $10 million. 0.2% over $10 million
  • Title fees: can include but are not limited to, Closing fee, Title search fee, lien search, recording fees, currier fees, notary fee, and other. Our Closing fee is no more than $349, and with the rest of the fees we strive to get our customer the lowest rates possible considering that some are third parties. If you are a current customer please give us a call to chat about how to reduce your costs even more!
  • HOA/Condo fees: the Estoppel, if your property is inside a community with an HOA or a condominium, you will need a letter that states you are current with your dues and that there are no standing violations. Condo docs, if your property is a condo or a co-op, the buyer has the right to request a copy of the documents including but not limited to: bylaws, rules and regulations, declaration of condominiums and financials, and sometimes when the seller doesn’t have these, the management would charge a fee to provide. Condo questionnaire (buyer), this is required when the purchase is with financing and the lender requests the questionnaire to the management. Membership fees, some associations have initiation membership fees or “capital contribution” that are usually paid by the buyer at closing, but some times by the seller if stipulated on the contract.
  • Real estate commissions: This is the highest expense on a sale. Usually 6% of the purchase price but HEY! You already cut the commissions short since you are already part of our Florida Flat Fee Homes family!

Capital Title & Escrow is a full-service escrow, title, and settlement company. For over 20 years, we have worked to put the interests of our clients and local community first and honed our focus on providing the best in class customer service to real estate professionals, lenders, and mortgage brokers. Capital Title & Escrow was built on one simple premise: to be the best title company in the industry. We believe the only lasting way to build a successful company is by putting the consumer first and out-servicing our competitor, so we have put together an experienced team of title specialists to achieve that goal.


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Notary Services

No more picking up or delivering Earnest Money checks.

The buyer can deposit the check from wherever they are

ZOCCAM’s Title Company partners take care of transaction fees.

The check is encrypted from capture to delivery.
Decreases Liability
ALTA Best Practices (Pillar 3)
Faster Sales Cycles
Consumer Empowerment
Cost Savings

ZOCCAM can be used any time (since work rarely stops at 5).

All parties receive confirmation of delivery when the contract and earnest money deposit is done putting the buyers in the front seat of the transaction.

Capture Front of the Check
Capture Back of the Check
Send to the Title Company
Parties Receive Proof of Delivery Instantly

Total Check Encryption
Protection of NPI
No Manual Delivery
Financial Information is Not Stored

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