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Selling a home can be an intimidating process and come with a variety of questions. From figuring out the best listing price for your property to prepping for showings and open houses, there is plenty that you need to learn about the home-selling process. Understanding what happens when it's time to sell your house and how a Flat Fee listing works, should be top priority in order to make informed decisions. To help ease some of this burden, we’ve compiled answers to some frequently asked questions from homeowners faced with putting their house on the market.

Yes, but we recommend that you use our sign. It is an “AGENTS WELCOME” sign that informs real estate agents that you are currently listed on the MLS and are willing to offer a commission to buyer’s agents. Those agents who see the sign are likely to search for your listing on the MLS to get more information.

You may list many different types of real estate:
Single-family homes for sale or rent
Condos, townhomes, and villas for sale or rent
Commercial properties for sale or rent.
Duplexes, triplexes and quadplexes for sale or rent
Vacant land and lots for sale
Farms for sale
Mobile or manufactured homes that own the land where the building is siting on for sale or rent

The short answer is no. However, attempting to sell or rent your property as a FSBO is not as easily done these days. Statistics show that 92% of all properties sold or rented are MLS listed and linked to Realtor.com, Zillow.com, and Trulia.com plus the MLS local sites. As always, brokers and agents have the ability to filter buyers and help them gain financing for properties. These abilities save you time and frustration comparing to an unknown and often unqualified FSBO buyer.

A traditional full-service MLS listing typically has restrictions keeping the owner from listing as a FSBO using signage or advertising the property in any way while MLS listed with that brokerage. The traditional commission for an MLS listing is 6% which is shared by the listing agent and the buyer’s agent.

With an MLS Listing With FloridaFlatFeeHomes.com, There Is No Listing Commission to Be Paid Unless You Wish to Upgrade to Our MAX PRO With Full Service for Only 1% Listing Commission at Closing. The Flat Rate for Our Programs Is Only $99 Basic, $199 Premium or $299 Max Flat Fee and That’s All You Pay. You May Sell Your Property as a FSBO in Any Form While MLS Listed as Long as Your Price Is Not Below the MLS Listing Price. You Must Still Offer and Then Make Payment to the Buyer’s Agent When They Procure a Qualified Buyer and You Close on Your Property With That Agent and Buyer. The MLS Does Require a Buyer’s Commission Offer. They Do Not State the Amount You Must Offer but Certainly Traditional Commission Amounts Will Have Better Agent Activity.
With FloridaFlatFeeHomes.com, your property will be MLS listed for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the program you choose, but you’re free to cancel the listing at any time (unless you are in contract through the MLS and a Realtor who is due a commission).

The STANDARD Package allows 24 photos, the PREMIUM up to 48 photos, the MAX FLAT FEE and MAX PRO as many as the specific MLS allows.

On our FloridaFlatFeeHomes.com public website, you can make as many changes as you’d like, including photo changes. You will log in with your own personal code for security purposes, so only you may amend your listing.
You may make as many requested changes as you need. Remember, all requested changes must be MLS compliant. Request changes from your file at FloridaFlatFeeHomes.com using the MY ACCOUNT icon at the top right corner of the site, or top center of the Mobile Version.

Your name and contacts will be posted in the agent/broker remark area for agents to review. They will contact you directly with questions, for showing instructions and ultimately present you with an offer.
Your name and contact information are not allowed in the public remarks or public sites that feed from the MLS, this is as per MLS and board rules. The listing brokerage is required to show the company name and contact information on all public site listings. Your FloridaFlatFeeHomes.com listing may have your name and contacts and any information you would like a viewer to review. Our site is not governed by the MLS.

After you complete the listing form we will check the details, tax site, and MLS to make sure that the listing is ready to be posted to the MLS and public sites. If needed, any required MLS information or tax information or ownership information will be requested from us before we are able to MLS list your property. Typically, when the listing form is completed and deemed in order your property will be MLS listed in 24 hours (not including Sunday).
Aside from Realtor.com, which is the MLS listing to the public, your for-sale property listing will link to: Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Redfin, Movoto, Google.com, Homes.com, all other Real Estate Brokerages that use IDX like Remax, Coldwell Banker, KW, etc…and the MLS public site you are listed in. Rental properties are also linked to Apartments.com, Zumper.com, Homesnap.com, hotpads.com Social Media listings on Facebook and Instagram available on Max Flat Fee and Max Pro and also you can purchase it as an Additional Item.

You pay us a one-time flat fee upfront for your listing and WE DON'T CHARGE ANY COMMISSIONS OR BACKEND FEES unless you choose our Full Representation Serivce. You can choose to offer a compensation to a buyer's agent/cooperating broker. You can freely choose that compensation , it can be a % or a $ amount. 

You don't have any obligation to offer a commission to a buyer's agent, but if you choose to, you can offer a % or a $ amount. 

We do not charge any Back-End fees or commissions at closing.

The Broker will list your contact information (phone and email) in the MLS Broker Remarks or Agent Remarks or Realtor Remarks (Private MLS Report). Brokers and Agents can use this information to reach out to you. However, your contact details will NOT be published in the public remarks or property description to comply with MLS and realtor association rules. All leads from any public source will be forwarded to you via email and /or text message for you to handle directly. Third party sites DO NOT ALLOW SELLER OR LANDLORD CONTACT INFORMATION ON THEIR SITES WHEN THE FEED COMES FROM THE MLS.

FloridaFlatFeeHomes.com covers the entire state of Florida. As members of all local MLSs, we ensure that your property gets listed in the right one, giving you both local and nationwide exposure.

You don't have any obligation to use our affiliated title company Capital Title and Escrow. If you choose to, you will get a discount in the closing fee. Capital Title has 25+ years of experience, and strives to provide customers the best service and lowest fees.

To succesfully sell your home you need to take into account mainly 3 factors: Price, Presentation, and Exposure. price it accordingly with local market comparable sales, take the best possible pictures (use a professional photographer recommended), and list it on the MLS with Floridaflatfeehomes.com.

Do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact us by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom sidebar or reaching out to us here.